Introduction of Singapore International English (SIE)
SIE is a high-end English educational brand originating from Singapore and a joint-venture in China. It is the only Shandong Ministry of Education selected "experimental collective" in humanistic education within the province of Shandong.
SIE is based on the excellent bilingual educational culture in Singapore and teaches English as a mother tongue. Operating under the flagship of SIE are SIE English, SIE International Kindergarten and Wheatfield Books.
SIE English?
SIE English focuses on teaching English by experienced foreign instructors in interactive?and fun classes. We offer efficient learning solution to young learners from 2-15 years old and also offer beginners' classes for adults. As a pioneer for teaching English by foreign teachers, our foreign and local educators have after years of studies and application, formulate an effective program on teaching oral English to our students.
ag游戏大厅登陆|官网 Our school has independently created more than 400 lesson plans and complementary home revision program which includes reading and audio material so that our students can continue to learn English after class. Collective effort from learning English directly from foreign instructors, attending fun and informative classes with well thought out lesson plans together with family support from parents through encouraging young learners to read widely, listen to audio records, watch educational visual programs and practise conversation diligently, lead to an integrated learning experience that increase the learning speed of both young and adult learners and enable the learning of English to be an experience on par with learning of the Chinese mother tongue. This solves the common problem faces by many Chinese, that is the inability to speak English fluently despite years of study.?
SIE International Kindergarten?
SIE International Kindergarten is a bilingual (Chinese, English) kindergarten that provides full-time holistic education and places special emphasis on the character development of our students. The kindergarten offers ordinary and international classes. One of the primary goals of our school is to instil good moral values in our students and to encourage them to be responsible global citizens. We encourage our students’ interest in learning, their enthusiasm and effectiveness of study through exploratory learning of the environment: to be close to nature, examine and learn about life and gain hands-on experience through planned and supervised activities.
Wheatfield Books?
Wheatfield Books is the only officially registered book store in Shandong China that offers English illustrated books, English audio, visual and published material. It performs two primary functions: to introduce English reading, audio and visual material to our students and also to promote reading interest to the public.?
SIE's foreign teachers are native English speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. Many of our teachers were sent by our school to attend training courses conducted by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau in Beijing and our school has been the only one that has done so in Shandong. Many of our Chinese teaching assistants are overseas graduates that have a passion for teaching and are highly proficient in English. Our school has earned accolades both nationally and abroad. Many foreign educational institutions have commented that our school is one of the few in China that offer similar methods of teaching English to those in foreign countries.

Other than teaching English, character education has always been SIE's core founding principle. SIE has implemented "Character First" as a module on teaching good behaviour to our students in all of our courses. This is to encourage our students to be creative and independent, embrace humanitarian values such as compassion and peace and have a sense of moral obligation towards society and fellow human beings. This has always been the primary reason for Victoria, our school's foreign principal investor to invest in our school. Further readings can be found on our website www.singaporedu.cn

SIE's ideal is to pursue an effective and honest way of running our school, to educate our students with efficiency and integrity. Becoming one of the top employers has always been our aspiration. From founding, SIE has strived to offer our employees good remuneration, training and advancement opportunities. SIE is serious when it comes to developing a child's social responsibility towards society and our community.
As a result a voluntary organization was formed by SIE? in May 2013.The organization is of a NGO nature and run by community members, teachers and parents. Among its members are over ten public schools and other community groups.

SIE was born out of a need to educate our children, assist them to grow up intelligently and morally are our educational ideals.
Campus addresses:
SIE Kindergarten
No 199, Wolong Road, Yangguang100, Zone K, Huaiyin District, Jinan City,
Shandong China
Postal Code: 250022
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Contact Tel: 531-67812066

Singapore International English
Yangguang100 Campus: Huaiyin District, Yangguang100 Meilehui Shopping Mall, Area B, Ground floor, Jinan City,? Shandong China
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JiangshuiRoad Golden99 Campus: Lixia District, South of Jiangshuiquan Road, Golden 99 Property No 2 (Intersection of Jiangshuiquan road and Lvyou Road)
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