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2013-06-26 02:37:13 | 点击: | 非常幽默
‘We’re Paid Too Much, And Don’t Know Why’

Financial sector workers are still being paid inexplicably large amounts of money and incentivized to behave inappropriately.

Oh yeah? Who says?

Well, oddly enough, they do.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has just released a report based on the findings of a survey it had taken in late April of 1026 U.K.-based employees in banking, broking, investment and insurance.

Entitled ‘Rebuilding Trust in The City’? (‘The City’ being ?a metronym for the entire U.K. financial sector, a sector in which more trust would be a very good thing after the tsunami of scandals that have broken over it).

It revealed that 75% of financial service workers think some people in their organizations are paid excessively, rising to 80% in the banking sector alone, but this isn’t just the griping of disgruntled footsoldiers. While employees at levels below senior management are most likely to agree that pay is excessive, even 66% of senior managers agree that some people in their organization are getting too much of a good thing.

And worryingly, few seem to know what the excessive payments are for. Sixty four percent of respondents agreed that reward levels, and what was actually being rewarded, was unclear, with only 14% apparently prepared to disagree.

Almost worse, nearly two-thirds, 65%, of employees agree that some people in their organization are still rewarded in a way that incentivizes inappropriate behavior, with little difference between the views of senior managers and those of other employees.

And, although 43% said there had been a shift in focus towards the interests of customers in the last year, 39% said they had seen no change in focus and 10% saw the emphasis shift away from customers, in favor of profits and shareholders.

Despite this, there seems little enthusiasm for the sort of punishment for bankers’ malfeasance for which the public routinely brays.

Only a third or so of respondents think failing senior executives should be imprisoned where there is evidence of gross negligence or misconduct. A further 13% of employees would like to see failing bankers banned for life from being a company director, while 36% say that failing bankers should be removed from the approved persons list and barred from working in the sector.