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New York City restaurant culture

Y: 并不是说我很懒惰!

J: No. It's not because we're lazy. We're busy women!

Y: 应为我的时间太宝贵。说起服务员的工作, 其实这份工作挺好的。

J: Well, we spoke with a man by the name of Aaron Zebrook and he has many reasons why he likes to work as a waiter.

ACT Aaron Zebrook, Waiter/Student

"Pretty women. Lots of cash. Stuff like that is involved. Good food. You learn about wine, you learn about food. You have to know these things. And that's again appealing. Who doesn't want to learn about food and wine and try all this good stuff and make cash at the same time at night when you have free time?"

Y: 哇,他总结得很精彩,美酒佳肴,金钱美女,听起来真的是很诱人。

J: You learn about lots of stuff, food and wine and people. It can be a really good job.

Y: 也是一种社会经验。

J: Yeah. And I'll tell you what, for students, it is one of the most popular jobs to have. All this talk about restaurants, Yang Chen, is making my stomach growl.

Y: 对,我听到你的肚子在叫了!

J: I know! It's embarrassing, but I'm starving! So, let's go to a restaurant and get something to eat.

Y: 好了,今天我们的节目时间到了!我和 Jody 要赶快到外边吃饭去了!

J: Thanks for joining us on American Cafe! Let's go eat!

Y: 咱们走吧!